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Andrew Barker & Daniel Carter - Polyhedron (ASTRAL SPIRITS June 7, 2018)

We are incredibly excited to present the first duo album from Andrew Barker (Barker Trio, Gold Sparkle Trio, Acid Birds, Little Huey Creative Orchestra) and Daniel Carter (too many groups to mention) since 2001's "Common Soldier" (Qbico). "Polyhedron" finds Barker & Carter stretching the classic sax & drums duo into all kinds of wild territories and featuring each of their multi-instrumental talents throughout. Each piece is dedicated to colleagues that they have both worked with in the past & present (Roy Campbell, Sabir Mateen, William Parker & Charles Water). Both Daniel Carter & Andrew Barker have spent countless years honing their craft, together and individually...two true masters getting intensely deep within this tape. Play loud!

1. Polyhedron (for Roy Campbell)
2. Astral Linguist (for Sabir Mateen)
3. Veiled Cadence (for William Parker)
4. Peace Dividend (for Charles Waters)

Andrew Barker - Drums & Percussion 
Daniel Carter - Alto, Tenor & Soprano Saxophones, Clarinet, Trumpet, Flute.

Matthew Lux's Communication Arts Quartet - Contra​/​Fact (ASTRAL SPIRITS June 22, 2018)

When Matt Lux asked me to write something for his record, we met in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. He parked right where the sorely-missed Lithuanian restaurant Healthy Food used to be. When he was just starting to play, older musicians would take him around town to discover all the special spots. He calls one of his tunes “Paw Paw” after a native fruit which has never gained widespread popularity because it doesn’t travel and must be eaten within days of being picked. Lux passes on knowledge as it was passed on to him. 

What do you call this music? I ask and he just shrugs. This isn’t because he doesn’t know what he’s doing or lacks the language to explain himself. Opposites attract him. There are horns, drums, and bass and non-bass guitars on this record but it isn’t jazz. There are electronic blips, wheezes, and barely audible echoes filling the imaginary rooms these numbers conjure. There’s even a human voice or two now and then. 

“Space-folk”, he offers, half-joking, I think. This from a guy who’s come to couch his opinions with the caveat that they come from someone who hates Sonny Rollins but loves Culture Club. He tells me that some of the titles of these tunes refer to Biggie Smalls, Colin Kaepernick, and Lester Young, among others. But I won’t tell you which is which because no one wants their work explained away by influences and inspirations. Besides, where one starts is rarely where one finishes, so identifying jumping-off points won’t necessarily help you appreciate where it will end up. I didn’t know any back-stories the first couple dozen times I listened to this record either. Songs must fly on their own wings to survive and his fly their own way whatever he calls them and wherever they came from. 

The places they go are sometimes loud, other times quiet, but they always move around in a ruminative sort of way. When they meander, they meander with purpose. Lux named his band the Communication Arts Quartet after a building devoted to that discipline at Walt Disney Elementary, where he went to school as a child. I have to believe the old imagineer himself would be transported were he to hear the music made by this graduate of his namesake institution of learning. 

While Lux’s compositions don’t bludgeon you upside the head with their messages, they aren’t willfully obtuse or obscurantist in the way some contemporary instrumental music can be either. Communication’s in the name for good reason. Lux isn’t about making listeners suffer. He wants to make something his mother would enjoy listening to rather than to impress some self-appointed musicologist. He and his bandmates have done the heavy lifting. Drop the needle and let them take you places. 

Dmitry Samarov

1. Camisa Sete 03:20
2. Ninna Nanna 06:00
3. Mercury Lights 04:27
4. Singlet 00:50
5. Paw Paw 04:54 video
6. Israels' 08:14
7. C.G.L.W 09:48
8. Gris/Bleu 01:58

Mikel Patrick Avery - drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, mellotron 
Ben Lamar Gay - cornet, electronics, melodica, percussion 
Jayve Montgomery - tenor sax, carinumpet, flute, samples, percussion 
Matthew Lux - bass, synth, electric guitar, chirimia, percussion 

Recording and Mixing by GREG NORMAN 
Mixed at MINBAL 
Edit for LP by LEROY BACH 
Mastered for Vinyl by ALAN JONES at LAMINAL AUDIO

The Contemporary Jazz Quintet - Location (BBE MUSIC 2018)

Following on from the welcome revival of Lyman Woodard’s classic ‘Saturday Night Special‘ and drummer, Bert Myrick’s ‘Live ’n Well’ – which features the epic ‘Scorpio’s Child’ – BBE Records continue to dig deeper into the vaults of Detroit’s Strata label with The Contemparary Jazz Quintet album ‘Location’. 

Working in conjunction with 180 Proof’s Amir Abdullah BBE are poised to unearth a steady flow of hard to find or previously unheard gems from the short-lived but consistently innovative community based initiative that was Strata. Next up on CD is the Contemporary Jazz Quintet (CJQ) who were recently described by Jazzwise magazine as “one of the best kept secrets in jazz”. That declaration arrived via a review of their one-and-only recording for Blue Note Records – ‘Introducing Kenny Cox and The Contemporary Jazz Quintet’ – an album that was recorded in 1968. 

Four years elapsed before the CJQ released another album. ‘Location’ dropped on Cox’s own Strata imprint. Led by Kenny Cox on piano and electric piano, the quintet also features Charles Moore on flugelhorn, trumpet and percussion – an enormously influential figure on the Detroit scene – along with guitarist and Motown side-man Ron English. This five-track offering shows the ensemble to have side-stepped the shadow of 60’s Miles Davis for a more muscular and explosive art form. From the aptly entitled opening salvo of ‘Bang’ to the expansive thirteen minute ‘Inner Beckoning’, ‘Location’ delivers that sense of restless reflection and stubborn resistance which characterized the dawn of the Seventies in the Motor City.

1. Bang! 07:13
2. Tao 11:16
3. Noh Word 01:59
4. Nzugo Saba (Struggle) 08:05
5. Inner Beckoning 13:18

Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow - Music In My Mind (ORIGIN RECORDS 2018)

Accompanied by his New Tomorrow band plus special guests, saxophonist Shawn Maxwell presents captivating original tunes on his latest release, Music In My Mind

Chicago-based reed maven Shawn Maxwell
takes listeners on a jazz journey with his brand-new CD, Music In My Mind

On Music In My Mind, saxophonist/clarinetist/flutist Shawn Maxwell presents an exciting mix of 10 new compositions, ranging from straight-ahead jazz to the free and far out to funk and fusion, all rendered with skill, taste, warmth and originality. This is the eighth album of originals for Maxwell, and once again he displays the talent, creativity and imagination that have built an enthusiastic international audience for this Illinois native son. 

Joined by his band New Tomorrow on this latest CD, Music In My Mind,Maxwell presents an excellent sampler of his far-reaching capabilities as a bandleader, and highlights the stellar contributions of his musical cohorts. The saxophonist/clarinetist/flutist is joined by New Tomorrow stalwarts Victor Garcia on trumpet and flugelhorn, Matt Nelson on piano and keyboards, Junius Paul on acoustic and electric bass, and Phil Beale on drums.

The core New Tomorrow band is supplemented on this fresh offering by special guests, including vocalist Dee Alexander, trumpeters Chad McCullough and Corey Wilkes, electric bassists Patrick Mulcahy and Tim Seisser, vibraphonist Stephen Lynerd, and drummer/percussionist Kalyan Pathak. 

The Joliet, Illinois-born Shawn Maxwell was exposed to a wide variety of music from his youngest years; he recalls that hearing Pete Fountain made him want to play the clarinet. It was love at first note—as soon as Shawn picked up an instrument, he knew he wanted to pursue a life in music. As he discovered more about jazz in high school, he realized he’d found his musical home.

Maxwell has been a mainstay of the Chicago jazz scene since his high school days. Critic Neil Tesser has described his tone in glowing terms: "His alto timbre sits in a lineage exemplified by past giants like Jackie McLean and Eric Dolphy, and by such latter-day players as Arthur Blythe and Steve Slagle." 

But Maxwell can’t be pigeonholed as solely a Chicago musician. The saxophonist has steadily developed a broad following far beyond his Midwest roots, starting with the release of his first album in 2004. He maintains a busy national and international touring schedule, and has gigged and recorded with a quartet and a 10-tet, Shawn Maxwell’s Alliance, as well as with New Tomorrow.

Maxwell has been lauded for his composing skills from the get-go, and he acknowledges finding inspiration in a diverse lineup that includes Guns N’ Roses, Duke Ellington, Art Pepper and Cannonball Adderley. Writing music always seemed like a natural creative outlet to the saxophonist, who notes, “As jazz musicians, we’re composers every time we take a solo.”

Music In My Mindhighlights include:

“He Gone”: Introspective and mellow, grounded by the spare, intense drumwork and ethereal flute. “Our Princess is in Another Castle” is frisky and engaging, with a hypnotic beat. It’s a treat to hear how singer Dee Alexander shines in this setting.

The title track, “Music In My Mind,” bursts with fun and creativity, hinting at classically inspired themes. Check out the leader’s exciting saxophone work, as well as Victor Garcia’s shimmering flugelhorn solo.

With its brilliant writing, sax styling and energy, there’s something about “Glamasue” that evokes but never imitates Arthur Blythe on the cusp of the 1980s. There’s an engaging development of tension and tempo, driven by the depth of Tim Seisser’s electric bass.

With Music In My MindShawn Maxwell proves once again that he is in the front line among today’s most versatile and creative jazz talents. Expect to be surprised and delighted by his music for years to come.

1 Our Princess is in Another Castle 5:15 
2 Music In My Mind 6:38 
3 Untitled Tune #1 1:45 
4 Maxwell's House 4:01 
5 Herding Happiness 4:28 
6 He Gone 4:34 
7 King Bill 4:00 
8 Another Monday 6:59 
9 Glamasue 6:31 
10 Snow Snow 4:34

Dee Alexander - Voice (1,2,4) 
Victor Garcia - Trumpet/flugelhorn (2,8) 
Chad Mccullough - Trumpet/flugelhorn (1,3,4,5,9) 
Corey Wilkes - Trumpet (6,10) 
Matt Nelson - Piano/rhodes 
Patrick Mulcahy - Electric Bass (6,10) 
Junius Paul - Electric & Acoustic Bass (1,2,4,5,7,8) 
Tim Seisser - Electric Bass (3,9) 
Phil Beale - Drums 
Stephen Lynerd - Vibraphone (5) 
Kalyan Pathak - Percussion (7)

Produced by Shawn Maxwell & Nick Eipers 
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Nick Eipers 
Recorded at Shirk Studios, December 12-14, 2017 
Assistant Engineer: Suzie Calarco 
Mixed & Mastered at Crann Darach, Chicago, IL 
Cover images by Franco Lovisolo & John Bishop 
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Upcoming Events
May-June 2018

May 25 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Glendale Jazz Festival, 424 Sappington Rd 
St Louis, MO 63122 United States + Google Map
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow performs at the Glendale Jazz Festival

May 26 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Westsylvania Jazz & Blues Festival, N 7th St 
Indiana, PA 15702 United States + Google Map
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow performs at Westsylvania Jazz & Blues Festival

May 31 @ 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Constellation, 3111 n. Western 
Chicago, IL 60618 United States + Google Map
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow celebrates the release of their new album on the Origin label.

June 2018

June 7 @ 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Black Dolphin, 1813 Grand Blvd 
Kansas City, MO 64108 United States + Google Map
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow celebrates the release of their new album at Black Dolphin in Kansas City

June 8 @ 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Cafe Paradiso, 101 N Main st 
Fairfield, IA United States + Google Map
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow performs celebrating the release of their new album.

June 9 @ 8:00 pm
The Washington, 306 Washington Street 
Burlington, IA 52601 United States + Google Map
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow celebrates the release of their new album at The Washington

June 15 @ 9:30 pm - June 16 @ 1:00 am
Andy’s Jazz Club, 11 E Hubbard St 
Chicago, IL 60654 United States + Google Map
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow celebrates the release of their new album at Andy's Jazz Club

June 16 @ 9:30 pm - June 17 @ 1:00 am
Andy’s Jazz Club, 11 E Hubbard St 
Chicago, IL 60654 United States + Google Map
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow celebrates the release of their new album at Andy's Jazz Club

June 20 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
An Die Music, 409 N Charles St 
Baltimore, MD 21201 United States + Google Map
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow celebrates the release of their new album at An Die Music

June 21 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
New York City, NY United States + Google Map
Shawn Maxwell's New Tomorrow performs celebrating the release of their new album

Media Contact
Jim Eigo
Jazz Promo Services
272 State Route 94 South #1
Warwick, NY 10990-3363
Ph: 845-986-1677 
Cell / text: 917-755-8960
Skype: jazzpromo
"Specializing in Media Campaigns for the music community, artists, labels, venues and events.”

Wortart Ensemble - Home Sweet Home (Lieder vom Kommen, Gehen und Ble) UNIT RECORDS 2018

The Wortart Ensemble successfully found its place between the spheres of language and music. Since 2008, the vocal group has set poems of famous and lesser-known authors to music.

Wortart received several national and international awards for their work, wich also includes a collaboration with Nora Gomringer, winner of the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize, one of the most prestigious awards for literature in the German language.

Wortart's new album "Home Sweet Home - Songs about arriving, leaving and lingering" comprises texts of poets of various origins and generations.

Their arrangements tell stories about the longing for safety, the complexity of the term "home", about changing and leaving ones home as well as the loss of ones home country, and about starting off in an unknown country.

All members of the vocal quartet (Lena Sundermeyer - soprano, Hannah Ginsburg - soprano, Erik Leuthäuser - tenor, Lars Ziegler - baritone) contributed compositions to the album and introduced their musical provenance.

Hence, the created songs are very intimate, at times light or powerful and at the same time refined and touching.

1. Intro
2. Umarmung der Meridiane
3. Das Seil
4. Neue Ufer
5. Das plötzliche Land
6. Ich fahr dahin
7. Wundersam
8. Nur eine Rose als Stütze
9. Sprachfelder
10. A chorus
11. Für P.A.
12. Mantra 12. Mantra
13. Gedanken über die Dauer des Exils
14. Wenn wir bleiben könnten
15. Zuhause

Lena Sundermeyer - vocals (soprano)
Hannah Ginsburg - vocals (soprano)
Erik Leuthäuser - vocals (tenor)
Lars Ziegler - vocals (baritone)

Lougarou and the Resurgence of Life - Dub Scores Vol. 1 (UNIT RECORDS 2018)

Six saxophones, drums, percussion and voice that sometimes goes crazy, sometimes flows rap. A great combination of sophisticated jazz harmonics with the feeling of reggae and the craziness and the power of dub,

It is acoustic music but it has been produced with a Dub aesthetic and like Dub Techno etc, it should be heard at a high volume.

It is new, it has never been heard before but it is deeply rooted in the jazz tradition.

1 P-Mad 8:06
2 1st Recreation 0:34
3 Letter to an Unknown Master 6:44
4 Dirty Little Lick and the Joker Line 5:43
5 2nd Recreation 0:42
6 Idflorap A 1:31
7 Idflorap B 6:07
8 Winds from the South 6:44
9 3rd Recreation 0:24
10 4th Recreation 0:14
11 Interlude 2:11
12 Thanks for the Ride 5:14
13 5th Recreation 0:15
14 Wuoah! 7:26
15 Idflorap C 4:28

David Wolf: saxophone, percussion, vocals
Lucas Glausen: drums, percussion

Jonas Sjøvaag & Juhani Silvola - Music for Cities (Shipwreckords 2018)

"An impressive debut" - Eyal Hareuveni

Sjøvaag and Silvola are responsible for a number of productions and bands, both as musicians, producers and technicians. Amongst other things, they stand behind critically acclaimed constellations such as Eple Trio (Sjøvaag) and Summers Silvola duo.

In this collaboration they collect common references and present Music for Cities; a dark album with pulses from popular music, rock and modern European improv. With rare melodic flair, solid rhythmic structures and superbly improvised interaction as key elements through 5 songs, this album is a soundtrack for 2018 that is worth noting.

1. Soft Milieu (10:26)
2. Underground (08:57)
3. Epicentric (05:22)
4. La Peste (08:16)
5. Quiet and Deadly

Jonas Sjøvaag - drums
Juhani Silvola - guitars

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg - Oslo Hærverk (SIMLAS 2018)

The formation of the power impro trio Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg towards the end of 2016 was merely three weeks later followed by the release of their first album Ullr. A concert at the Gothenburg club BrÖtz in October the same year was recorded, initially not for release, but when Gunnar Backman at Brakophonic Studios managed to repair the rather rudimentary recording (done with a mic on a Zoom recorder placed in front of the drum set) the concert was released on the album called LAIV. Several months later the trio was invited to play at Kafé Hærverk in Oslo. The three Scandinavians had at this point proven their ability to create music from the near-to-nothingness of the instant here and now, using their combined musical luggage and a strong sense of freedom. So here comes five "tunes" or "stretches" from that inspired evening in front of an enthusiastic Oslo audience.

1. Tlaxkon 12:42
2. Stay Peaceful 11:42
3. Ofilikki 06:21
4. No Temple No Homes 07:46
5. Close To Closed 09:00

Peeter Uuskyla drums
Tellef Øgrim guitar
Anders Berg bass

Jihye Byun - Mai a Mi (2018)

Lyrical, peaceful and beautiful ballad ‘Mai A Mi’
Funky jazz blues ‘Blue blahblah’
Fresh modern and lyrical original ‘Mint Green’
Unique organized arrangement ‘Con Alma’
3 more her style of colorful original music

Jihye Byun is a Korean-born pianist, composer, and arranger. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Keyboard Performance from Musicians Institute. In 2015, she won a grand prize at Stanley Clarke Scholarship Competition. And she is currently pursuing a Master of Music in Jazz Performance at William Paterson University.

1. Mai a Mi 06:25
2. Blue Blahblah 05:14
3. Mint Green 06:40
4. Con Alma 06:22
5. On Friday 05:41
6. Circle 06:41
7. March 15th 05:24

Michael Webster  Tenor Sax
Marcus Mclaurine  Bass
Nick Dekens  Drums

Eunhye Jeong - Chi​-​da (May 26, 2018)

The motive of the recording is my art name Hyun Gok 玄曲 given by my Pansori teacher Il-dong Bae. Hyun means ‘black (mixed with dark red)’, ‘mystery of universe or the invisible principle of life’. Gok means ‘curved’, ‘curve’ and ‘song’. I’ve contemplated on Hyun Gok for about three years, trying to understand its meaning and to realize that in my musical creations. Hyun Gok brought my attention to the moment of beginning - rather similar to the idea of singularity - and the silence before the music manifests. 

Chi-da is a verb in Korean meaning ‘hit’, and ’play’ a percussive musical instrument in a musical context, the action of playing, hitting to resonate/make/produce sounds. The contemplation on this very action is where the entire music was rooted and grown from in this record. All takes/pieces were created spontaneously out of the unsprung seeds of ideas buried in my mind over time, except Mysterious Valley, an existing composition of mine, which I re-constructed as improvising. The end result was 23 tracks in total; about 3 hours in length and I selected 13 tracks that spoke to me as I listened every day for about a month. 

In this record, silence is not just a part of music but the essence and the source of where music is created from. It is also an invitation to a deeper listening. The action of Chi-da happens in time. It is where time meets the space, creating and marking the presence of present with weight. 

Eunhye Jeong

1. Flesh and Bone 10:38
2. One Bears Many 05:09
3. Five Petals 07:03
4. Mysterious Valley 06:14
5. Dance Alone 05:24
6. The Dialectical Two 04:08
7. Beginning 03:10
8. Collapsing Stars 06:34
9. Nal Ssi 06:20
10. Ulda 05:16
11. Pictures of You 03:33
12. Weigh On 06:55
13. Running Planets 03:26

Tobias Meier / Dalia Donadio / Berni Doessegger - A Linear Thought (WIDE EAR RECORDS 2018)

"A Linear Thought" came about over a period of two years, in several stages and between many breaks, during which the work could rest. To graphic and contentual sketches of composition, there came a solitary voice, which eventually became word. "A Linear Thought" tells of intimacy and universality, of the voice as a primal personal organ for communication and emotion, and of the voice as an instrument common to all people.

1. A 03:19
2. B 03:18

Tobias Meier - composition
Dalia Donadio - voice
Berni Doessegger - words

Recorded 2016 in Basel and Berlin
Mixed by Alex Huber
Mastered by Hannes Kumke
Graphic Design by Studio Eusebio
(c) & (p) 2017 Tobias Meier

Wide Ear Records, WER034

Released on 7inch Vinyl, 45rpm


For many years Tobias Meier and Silvan Jeger have been collaborating in various projects. As Cold Voodoo they explore the tension of physical presence and exhaustion on one hand and of an external perspective and serenity on the other hand. This contradiction is already implied in the group’s name and emphasised in their newly released record AB+. The album points soberly to the two sidedness of the medium and moreover the red plastic of the cassette and the title of the record, that can be read as blood type, alludes to a certain „blood-kitsch“. This comparision is developed in the cover art of the digital release, where the Ls and Os of the group’s name on the back of the cassette generate a mesmerizing array of ones and zeros, picturing the dense, shimmering netting, wich the two musicians open up on this record.

1. A+ 16:03
2. B+ 14:22

Tobias Meier alto saxophone
Silvan Jeger bass

Recorded 2017 in Basel (CH)
Mix : Silvan Jeger
Master : Hannes Kumke
Graphic Design : Tobias Meier

iety - hope you were covered up (WIDE EAR RECORDS 2018)

In society, worlds collide. Composition on improvisation - Sterility on emotion - Uncontrolled energy sallies on celebrating the details. The fusion creates an independent sound with strong gravitation. Each individual fills the space that it deserves or enjoys the tension of the void, and the sprinkling of the sun brings speed and clarity. Probably not, but it sure would be cool.

1. 9433 02:21
2. hope you were covered up 04:44
3. kick etüde 03:38
4. ophelia 05:23
5. waterfall glancing in a morning sunrise 03:31
6. plakat yves 04:42
7. dada (dap) 03:47
8. petrol 08:50

Elio Amberg tenor sax
Laura Schenk piano
Amadeus Fries drums

Big Bold Back Bone - Emerge (WIDE EAR RECORDS 2018)

Big Bold Back Bone’s newest release - the third recording (Wide Ear Records - WER028) is titled "Emerge" and is the musical twin of the recently released CD / LP "In Search Of The Emerging Species" (Shhpuma Records - SHH032).

The recording was made during the same studio session in Lisbon. In contrast to the slow, almost eerily concentrated sound stream epic with the 42-minute piece "Immerge" on "In Search Of The Emerging Species", "Emerge" looks like an antiepos. Seven pieces between 3 - 8 minutes covers the disc. Self-contained improvisations presented in an aesthetically impressive Big Bold Back Bone language.

A consequence of the fact that the musicians of the band Marco von Orelli, Luis Lopes, Travassos and Sheldon Suter, worked together for almost 10 years and maintain a continuous exchange.

In contrast to the twin, this music seems less radical, but more catchy, but without losing any sense of urgency, as if Big Bold Back Bond Bones deliberately left seven fork-paths on "Immerge" unheeded, in search of ... in "Emerge" to investigate in a fascinating way!

1. Silent Stream 06:26
2. Sealust 06:50
3. Tidings 07:03
4. Facing Extinction 07:55
5. Tentaculita 03:16
6. Mergulhador 06:42
7. Ground Found 05:21

Marco von Orelli - Trumpet, Slide Trumpet
Luis Lopes - Electric Guitar and Objects
Travassos - Electronics
Sheldon Suter - Prepared Drums

Matthias Tschopp Quartet - Untitltled (WIDE EAR RECORDS 2018)

My first contact with the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat was at an exhibition of the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen, Switzerland. It was overwhelming - powerful, expressive, rich in colours and drama, full of serial and aleatoric components, motives, improvisation, and numerous references to Bebop and Hip Hop.

It took me almost a year to translate Basquiat's work Untitled into music. I applied the twenty-six letters of the alphabet to the tonal range of the baritone saxophone, in order to generate melodies out of the countless words I found in the picture. I composed musical fragments on selected elements of the painting, collected information about Howard Hughes, bought Charlie Parker records and an old tape recorder, tried to find the original soundtrack of the comic hero Human Torch and looked for ways to integrate genius and madness, life and death in a piece of music.

The result is Untitled Part I, a suite of musical events that can last nineteen to ninety minutes; recorded live at Shedhalle Zug in March 2017. More info...

1. Untitled Part I - Eroica 05:36
2. Untitled Part I - Nothing To Be Gained Here 06:02
3. Untitled Part I - Receiver 04:10
4. Untitled Part I - Billie's Ear Wax 05:28
5. Untitled Part I - Codine vs. Morphine 01:57
6. Untitled Part I - Howard Hughes 07:00
7. Untitled Part I - Sky 03:10
8. Untitled Part I - Black Teeth 04:11
9. Untitled Part I - Brown Head 01:19
10. Untitled Part I - Words 01:07
11. Untitled Part I - The Human Torch 06:03
12. Untitled Part II - Mark Rothko 03:59
13. Untitled Part II - Jackson Pollock 03:51
14. Untitled Part II - Friedensreich Hundertwasser 04:16
15. Untitled Part II - Rolf Winnewisser 06:29

Yves Theiler piano
Raffaele Bossard bass
Alex Huber drums

Tim Daisy - Configurations (RELAY RECORDINGS June 1, 2018)

Tim Daisy is a Chicago-based percussionist and composer working in the fields of improvised and composed music.

He has performed and recorded original music for modern dance, sound installations, film, and improvised music ensembles of various configurations since 1997. Tim also owns and operates Relay Records, documenting much of the creative work he has been involved with in Chicago and abroad since 2011.

Tim helps curate the weekly OPTION series at Experimental Sound Studio in  Chicago. The programming explores contemporary perspectives on improvisation and composition in a ‘salon’ format, enabling local, national, and international artists to publicly discuss their practice and ideas as well as perform.

2. Sonic Feels 03:42
3. The Echo Song (For Arthur Russell) 03:04
4. Wood 03:09
5. Wire 02:28
6. Alloy 01:56
7. The Wobbly Insect 04:27
8. Sunday Afternoon 02:58
9. LED 03:13
10. Red And Orange 03:10
11. Static Points 03:53
12. Names 01:52

Solo compositions and improvisations performed by Chicago based percussionist and composer Tim Daisy

Selected instruments recorded in various combinations including: drums/marimba/ Califones/metal percussion/bass xylophone/transistor radios/bells/chains/sticks/malletts/brushes

Recorded live, without overdubs :)

All compositions by Tim Daisy (ASCAP)
Recorded on May 4th, 2018 at Madhouse Studios Evanston, il
Recorded and mixed by Dave Zuchowski @ One Room Studio
Cover photo by Tim Daisy
This is Relay Records 022