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Girls in Airports Live - The New Album, Out 22nd Sept (EDITION RECORDS)


Danish supergroup Girls in Airports, one of the most talked about new bands on the international scene, release ‘Live’, their 5th and most captivating album to date, recorded over three concerts in Germany in 2017.


Described as ‘a unique blend of Nordic jazz lyricism, indie-rock influences and sounds from around the world’, their charismatic live performances have quickly made them one of the most talked about new bands on the international scene. Featuring four new tracks as well as eight finely honed performances from their previous three albums, ‘Live’ combines jazz, indie and urban folk into a unique expression of heart stirring melody-laden elegiac hooks and dance-friendly globally-influenced rhythms.


SKNAIL - Newsletter August 2017

SKNAIL feat. Yannick Barman
duo glitch jazz live set
Sunday 27th August 2017, 16:00

SKNAIL - electro, programming, glitch
Yannick Barman - trumpet, electronic

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jueves, 17 de agosto de 2017

OUT.FEST 2017 - More names for the program

2017 / 14th edition
4 to 7 October, various venues in Barreiro


OUT.FEST is an annual event celebrating experimental music in all its forms. From improvised to electronic music to jazz and contemporary classical music, OUT.FEST brings together trailblazers and living legends with the present and the future of groundbreaking experimental music every year in Barreiro, a city across the river from Lisbon. 

You can find all relevant info below...

New Confirmations:

CATERINA BARBIERI (IT) - contemporary modular synthesist lauded for her rizomatic aural soundscapes - 

LOLINA (RU) - the new skin of undervalued romantic conceptualist Inga Copeland -  

GYUR (PT) - cyber punk, leavening, rhythmic assault cognitively defiant narratives by an up and coming Lisboner reclusive creative - 

COLECTIVO VANDALISMO (PT) - duo from up North of Portugal finding their voice through the mist of the blackest and coldest waves in the technoid codex -

Acts previously confirmed:

THIS IS NOT THIS HEAT - ..and this is not the avant garde - 

JEJUNO - Lisbon photographer and electronic musician recently relocated to Vienna, this is Sara Rafael's solo project focusing on spectral techdrone - 

THE PERE UBU MOON UNIT - current nomenclature for Mr David Thomas visionary rock realization - 

BOOKWORMS - L.I.E.S. and BANK affiliated club pirate released this year the full length “Appropriation Loops (A Love Story)”, his personalized aural and critical treatise on "appropriation of music and culture throughout time”, and he will be performing this new repertoire live - 

CASA FUTURO - rare trio of intracontinental jazzmen comprised of saxofonist Pedro Sousa, double bassist Johan Berthing and drummer Gabriel Ferrandini - 

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - Nigel Ayers longstanding undergound journey of sound art identity and communication - 

SIMON CRAB - Bourbonese Qualk founder and inquisitive non western music systems researcher and textiler for the past 35 years - 

JONATHAN ULIEL SALDANHA & CORAL TAB + CORO BE VOICE - Oporto based Jonathan Saldanha has been developing an admirable body of compositional work for voice, electronic and resonant space, and will premiere on this occasion his new oeuvre ‘Plethora’ with 2 local choirs -

Porta-Jazz ao Relento - João Paulo Rosado - Sinopse

Sábado, 19 de agosto 22:00
Jardins do Palácio de Cristal
- entrada livre -

João Paulo Rosado - Sinopse
João Guimarães - saxofone alto
AP - guitarra
Hugo Raro - piano
João Paulo Rosado - contrabaixo
António Torres Pinto - bateria

Sinopse é um projecto de João Paulo Rosado onde a música pretende reflectir as emoções, ideias e pensamentos mais pessoais do músico.

Honestidade da expressão, assuntos e diálogos, são os objectivos. Música pela música, sem pensar em géneros, moldada pelas experiências e referências musicais presentes e passadas.

Transformar um pensamento, conceito ou uma imagem num som prova-se difícil. Esse é o desafio.

O álbum João Paulo Rosado - Sinopse foi gravado ao vivo na Sala Porta-Jazz e editado pelo Carimbo Porta-Jazz em 2016.

Sábados de agosto, 22:00
Jardins do Palácio de Cristal
- entrada livre -

26 de agosto
The Nada
João Guimarães - saxofone alto
Eurico Costa - guitarra
António Augusto Aguiar - baixo eléctrico
José Marrucho - bateria

martes, 15 de agosto de 2017

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – August 9, 2017 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m. ~ Use this link to access the show online.

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